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More Than A Bet

A/N: This is already posted in my aff. Cross posting here because my LJ is dormant. :))

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Sleepless in Hawaii

A/N: I know this needs proper plot but I just can't help not to write this lol xD

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A/N: Because trains remind me of Kyuhyun. :)

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The Troubled Prince pt.4

A/N: Sorry for the lack of WonKyu fluffy sexy time last time. Will try and make up for it, next. :)
PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3

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The Troubled Prince pt.3

A/N: Before the weather turns even worse, I write an update. I promise to write happy fluffs next time. xD


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The Troubled Prince pt.1

A/N: I MISS WONKYU. I miss writing. I miss having someone read my stories. I miss having someone to spazz with.

Thank you for reading~:)

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A/N: This came around while discussing amusement parks on twitter. *coughsugarcitapatticough* lol. I'll be leaving now.. again. sigh. :)

Part 1. The Case of the Missing Fish

“I’ve been to the amusement park before but that was more than 10 years ago and I remember you were with me that time. And now.. now…” Donghae was trembling as tears welled up his eyes. “I can’t believe you’ve finally agreed to go here!! Thank you Hyukkie! You’re the best boyfriend ever!”

Eunhyuk was beyond happy that he was able to take Donghae out on a date in an amusement park. Donghae had been asking him for one ever since he and Leeteuk went on a double date for a TV show. He wasn’t able to enjoy the park for the reason that Eunhyuk wasn’t there. Now that they were out in an amusement park on a date, Eunhyuk felt like a capable man. He happily watched Donghae point out the places and the rides he wants to see.

“No, he’s not the best boyfriend ever – Siwon is.” Kyuhyun blurted out. Siwon quickly silenced Kyuhyun with a lollipop.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” Siwon smiled as Eunhyuk eyed Kyuhyun warily. Donghae seemed to not have heard what the maknae has said and continued on to admire the place.

“Kyu, you can’t be like that, well at least not now. They’re the main characters of today’s date.” Siwon placed one arm over Kyuhyun’s shoulder as they walk a safe distance from the other couple.

“But we’re also on a date, right?” The maknae asked as he licked the candy give to him. Siwon nodded as they followed the EunHae couple.

Donghae decided that all of them should have something from the gift shop, like his couple headbands from the TV show. He excitedly ran towards the shop. Eunhyuk, on the other hand, walked slowly and then turned around to catch up with Siwon.

“Hey, uh.. thank you for going out with us on this date. I really am thankful for your help, Siwon.” Eunhyuk softly said. The reason why he couldn’t take Donghae out on a date at an amusement park is that because the said place was always packed with people – children, families, students on field trips, tourists… and they can not afford to go dating in such a public place. Luckily, Siwon was there to help them.


One week earlier.

“Hyung I need your help!” Eunhyuk desperately called out to Leeteuk as he barged in the leader’s room. “Hyung, you love me and Hae, right? And you approve of our relationship?”

“Uhh, yes, yes of course! What’s the matter? Did something happen between you two?”

“No, but something’s about to happen if I don’t take him to the amusement park!”

Leeteuk’s eyebrows furrowed. “Amusement park? We just went there last month.”

“I know. But he’s still insisting on taking him on a date to that place! He thinks the reason I’m not taking him there is because I don’t love him and that I’m embarrassed to show him off! Which is not true!” Eunhyuk sat on the floor looking distraught and stressed out. “I can’t take him out there because we’re celebrities and an amusement park is not a safe place for us.. Hyung, I don’t know what to do.”

Leeteuk patted Eunhyuk’s back and assured him that he will find a way for their amusement park date to happen. Somehow, Eunhyuk felt relieved with the leader’s words. “First, call Siwon. We definitely need him..”

“Hyuuungg! Your phone is ringing!” Kyuhyun yelled to Siwon who was taking a bath that time.

“Answer it!” Siwon answered.

“If it’s a girl can I tell her off and then curse her to the pits of hell~?”

“Do whatever you want!”

Kyuhyun quickly left his laptop to pick up Siwon’s phone. Leeteuk’s name flashed at the screen. “Hello this is Siwon’s boyfriend speaking. He’s tied up in my bed right now, please leave a message.”

“Oh.. yes, hello- HEY! CHO KYUHYUN! Are you supposed to answer Siwon’s calls like that? Do not EVER, ever answer Siwon’s calls like that! You’re giving me migraine right now! And I’m not even in the army yet… ahh!”

Kyuhyun laughed at the leader. “It was a joke, hyung. Siwon’s in the bath, do you have something to say to him?”

And so, Leeteuk relayed Eunhyuk’s problem to Kyuhyun, and then Kyuhyun did the same to Siwon. Siwon then met immediately with his father and asked for help.

“Hmm.. I know a friend who owns that amusement park. But I don’t think I can guarantee the safety of their identities..” Siwon’s father spoke slowly. “Maybe I can rent off half the place? What do you think?”

“Well, Kyuhyun and I were thinking of going with them just to make sure they are safe-”

“You’re going too? With Kyuhyun?” Siwon’s father’s voice changed. “Why didn’t you say so! Why, I should rent off the whole place for the four of you! Don’t worry! I’ll take care of this.”

Siwon got more than what he asked for. He was just asking if his father knows a place – a safe place for Donghae and Eunhyuk to go on a date. And now he just got the four of them a whole amusement park to themselves.

“Mr. Cho would be pleased to know we’re taking care of his son. Ahh.. at least if they’re happy, you’re one step closer to getting his permission for marriage, right?”


“You know I’ll be there to help you guys out. That’s what friends are for.” Siwon hugged Eunhyuk and patted his back. It was a reassuring promise that Siwon will be with them through ups and downs. “Your worries are also mine; and mine are also yours. Remember our promise?”

Eunhyuk flashed his gummy smile and hugged Siwon once again.

“And I’m worried you two might end up going out.. on a date.” Kyuhyun interrupted, the lollipop stick sticking out the side of his mouth.

“You too, Kyuhyun. Thanks for coming. I know you care for Hae a lot, too.” Eunhyuk forcefully grabbed the maknae and gave him a hug. “You’re an evil maknae, but you’re a good friend.”

Siwon laughed at the sight of Kyuhyun struggling to free him self from Eunhyuk. “Ah! Don’t hug me hyung! This! Is! Embarrassiingg!”

Few people pass by but Siwon knew all of the people inside the park were the owner’s employees. All of them were given a special day off to take their families to the amusement park. All of them were aware that Super Junior members will be coming today. All of them were already warned by the owner not to touch, hurt, or regard the Super Junior members as celebrities. Of course, they agreed with the owner in the condition that their special day off would come with pay.

“Hey!! I bought you guys something!” As soon as Donghae came running, Eunhyuk broke the hug with the maknae and received what Donghae bought for them. “Here, this one’s for you Hyukkie. Aaand, these ones are for you two!”

Out of the plastic bag, Donghae got two pairs of couple headbands – one pair of white and fluffy rabbit ears, and another pair of big black, fluffy cat ears. Donghae quickly put the rabbit ears on his boyfriend while Kyuhyun stared at the cat ears as if they were contaminated with some type of deadly virus. He pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and spoke.

“I’m not wearing that stupid–”

“There!” Siwon beamed. He had just successfully put on the cat ears for the maknae, and then turned to put on his headband. “Now we’re the kitty couple!” He affectionately rubbed Kyuhyun’s head and then bent over to whisper at the maknae’s ear. “This reminds me of the time you were purring on my bed.. naked.”

Kyuhyun’s face went bright red and Siwon’s soft chuckles were making it worse. Moreover, Donghae and Eunhyuk were trying to take pictures of him with the cat ears.

“Aahh! You look so cute Kyu!” Donghae exclaimed and Eunhyuk smirked. “But you’re so red, are you alright? We can take a rest if you’re not feeling well, Kyu.”

Kyuhyun wanted to take the cat ears off and burn it into ashes then yell curses at all of them for making fun of him. Never mind where they were, he just wants to take the stupid grins off their faces. He can feel tears welling up. The lollipop on his hand was trembling as he was gripping it too tightly. Then, he felt Siwon grab his free hand. Siwon’s grip was firm, strong, and somewhat protective.

“He’s so cute right? But I think Kyu’s not fond of the afternoon sun. Why don’t we split up so you two could enjoy your date more? This is your special day, after all.” Siwon wasn’t letting go of Kyuhyun’s hand. Even more, Siwon stood a little in front of the maknae, concealing the flushed and teary eyed Kyuhyun behind him.

“Oh yeah that’s right!” Donghae snapped his fingers and took out a piece of paper from his pocket. “There’s this place that I want to show you Hyukkie! Here I wrote a list of all the places I want to see here..”

“Alright! Today we will explore the whole amusement park and try every ride and everything that they have to offer! Hae! Today’s gonna be our special day!” Eunhyuk took the list and with much excitement, offered his arm for Donghae to hold. Donghae gladly took the arm and walked away.

“Siwon! Take care of Kyu! Don’t let him take the headband off!” Donghae smiled as he waved goodbye.

“I’ll take care of Kyu so don’t you guys worry! Have fun!” Siwon waved back and, when the couple was out of sight, turned to face Kyuhyun. He still has Kyuhyun’s hand on his. With his free hand, he took off Kyuhyun’s headband and rubbed the maknae’s cheek.

“That was my fault, sorry.” Siwon softly said. “If you want to, I can take you home. I’ll just come back for them later.”

Kyuhyun remembered the lollipop on his other hand and then shoved it in Siwon’s mouth. “No! We’re also on a date, so we should continue it! We can’t lose to them.”

Siwon grinned as he sucked on the candy on his mouth. “I love you, Kyu.”

“And I hate you. Give me back my cat ears!”

“Why? But you didn’t like them-”

“You said we’re the kitty couple!”

After riding the rollercoaster, Eunhyuk looked pale and tired. He sat at the nearest bench they could find and hung his head up.

“H-hyukkie! Are you alright? You told me you can ride a rollercoaster with a happy face. But you didn’t look too happy in the picture.. see?” Donghae, like a little child, shyly showed Eunhyuk their picture from the ride. Eunhyuk’s face was contorted in a strange way it looked like his body was being twisted to death. While Donghae’s face was normal – he had his eyes closed, but he was laughing, if not, screaming with glee.

“Ah! That’s not the type of rollercoaster I was talking about. There’s this another one on the other park at the other side of Seoul and that’s the one I-”

Donghae smiled as he poked Eunhyuk’s head with a cold can of soda. “I know, I know, Hyukkie. We’re not riding that again. Let’s rest here for a while.”

Eunhyuk felt better after drinking the cold soda Donghae gave him. Still, he felt dizzy when he tried to get up. Donghae not wanting the man to feel anymore sicker, volunteered to go and buy them food.

“Stay here and I’ll buy us food.”

“But we’re not even halfway the list you made.”

Donghae shook his head. “Read the last line, Hyukkie.” He laughed and then went off.

Eunhyuk got out the list and browsed towards the end and found himself blushing after reading it. It read:

‘Note: Do this with Hyukkie. No Hyukkie = :(’

“Hyung, are you sure you know how to use guns?” Kyuhyun impatiently asked. His arms were crossed as he watched Siwon shoot pitifully. He was wearing his cat-ears headband.

“Of course I know how! I have to use guns on some of my tv series.” Siwon pulled the trigger and once again, missed on the target. Even the man who was in charge of the shooting game booth, yawned impatiently.

“This is so frustrating!” Kyuhyun grabbed the toy gun and carefully aimed for the target. With one shot, the target fell off the shelf. “It’s that easy!”

After receiving their prize of a pig plushie, Kyuhyun gave it to Siwon with a heavy sigh of disappointment.

“Why do you sound disappointed?” Siwon asked as they walked away from the shooting booth; the plushie in tow.

“Because you are a lousy shooter! It wasn’t that hard when I tried it.” Kyuhyun said. The scene earlier was far from what he had imagined it to be – Siwon handsomely shooting all the targets without a miss, winning the biggest prize for Kyuhyun and then people who would see them would think of them as a perfect happy couple. However, it was far, far from that.

“But that gun was made of plastic. It’s much lighter, the bullets, too!” Siwon tried to defend what was left of his manly pride as he fixed his headband of cat ears. “If that was a good replica of a real gun I might have won every doll they have.”

“Yeah, yeah..” The maknae groaned and then he laughed when he glanced at Siwon. “You look weird, hyung.”

Siwon was confused to as why Kyuhyun was laughing at him. He always checks his self out in the mirror and the last time he did, he looks perfect.

“What’s wrong? Do I have something on my face?” He puts his hand at his face, feeling if there was something stuck on his skin.

Kyuhyun, again, was laughing. “No, you look fine. B-but.. you look weird..” He snorted. “Haha.. you look so serious and confused, hyung, and then you’re wearing fluffy cat ears! You look funny! A handsome guy like you wearing cute headbands like that.. it’s weird. But funny!”

He playfully patted Siwon’s cat ears as Siwon exhaled in relief. Kyuhyun grinned and embraced the older man. “I’m sorry, you look awkward with the headband but you still look handsome.”

Siwon smiled as he wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun. Then, strangely, the maknae vibrated. “Kyu, you’re… vibrating?”

Kyuhyun pushed Siwon away as he rummaged his jacket for his cellphone. “What am I? A toy? It’s my phone you weird pervert!”

Siwon continued sniggering as he backhugged the maknae. Kyuhyun turned serious after reading the text that came.

“Hyung, I think the other couple needs our help.”

“Why? They’re old enough to go on a date themselves.”

“No. That’s not it. Eunhyuk hyung messaged me… he says he lost Donghae!”

~To be continued..

Love Calls

A/N: A series of mini-stories set at the time Siwon went to China for filming. Also, a sequel to 'Unspoken'.

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A/N: Because it was a rainy day today. :)

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